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HSS Tap UNC Intermediate-1/4x2

HSS Tap UNC Intermediate-1/4x2
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Code: 514099
Brand: Toolex
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HSS Tap UNC Intermediate-1/4x2

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The thread profile of UNC is the same as for metric threads and is described in the JIS B0206 standard. The thread is described by its major diameter and the number of threads per inch of length (TPI). This thread series is commonly used in the mass production of bolts, screws and nuts. It is used for threading into lower tensile strength materials (bronze, brass, aluminum and plastics) to obtain the best resistance to stripping of the internal thread. It is also used on quick assembly or disassembly or if corrosion or slight damage is possible. Features: Unified National Coarse. UNC is described by its major diameter and the number of threads per inch of length (TPI). Manufactured from high speed steel material to International DIN standards (DIN352/351). Available in Taper, Bottoming and Intermediate styles in all sizes. Suitable for materials up to 1000N/mm2. Suitable for both hand & machine operation. Bright finished with straight flute. Intermediate Taps have a lead of four threads and are used in most general purpose applications to cut a thread true to a pre-drilled pilot hole. Specifications: Size - 1/4" Lead - Intermediate Material - High Speed Steel (HSS) Type - Straight Flute

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